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The Well; 01.15.2013


Prayer & Fasting DAY ONE & TWO 

Today’s Scripture Reading; GENESIS 30:1-31:16; MATTHEW 10:1-23; PSALM 12:1-8; PROVERBS 3:13-15


MATTHEW 10:1 Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness

Matt 10:1 (NLT)

In MATTHEW 10 Jesus bestows upon His twelve disciples the delegated power that HE HIMSELF possessed. This was AUTHORITY GIVEN to advance the KINGDOM ministry through signs and wonders. Jesus instructs His disciples concerning the scope of their mission, the substance of their message, the works they are to perform, the equipment they are to take, and their procedure. As a microcosm of the Church (LUKE 12:32), the mission of the 12 foreshadowed the ongoing mission of the Church, which would extend beyond the house of Israel to include a global scope.


As I read today’s scripture I was reminded that as a disciple of Jesus, you and I have been given AUTHORITY to do those things that the first disciples were given. The very word “disciple” means “to learn; a learner, one who follows both the teachings and the teacher.” The very job description given by Jesus to His disciples was very explicit; heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead. All of these things are activities that cannot be done by natural means but must be accompanied by a supernatural partnership and that is exactly what a disciple should be accomplishing through their lives. We partner with Jesus to see His Kingdom advance and for Him to gain His full reward.


The disciple RE-PRESENTS Jesus to the world. He loves through us and touches the lives of people in ways that can only come from the very expression of Divine GRACE. Much of what is done in the church world today could be accomplished with or without God and though many things are good, they do not fully RE-PRESENT Jesus to an unbelieving world. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon the early church in ACTS and they went forward from a prayer meeting full of the Holy Spirit and BOLDNESS. God seems to like BOLDNESS when our actions require that God shows up. When was the last time you stepped out in something where IF GOD didn’t show up you would certainly fail? That’s the BOLDNESS of the Spirit-filled disciple. BOLDNESS is not reckless or without direction. BOLDNESS comes from the place of hearing God and going forth from that place of closeness and communion.


Evangelist Dean Nifforatos taught at our School of Supernatural Ministry last week and He stated that the work of the church is PRAYER … the reward that you get for doing that work is MINISTRY … the ministry of the church is saving souls, which includes signs, wonders and discipleship. The starting place is always found in the secret place. Today as you go to the Lord in prayer remember that out of that chamber you are released in BOLDNESS to RE-PRESENT Jesus to your world. Let’s believe together that today we will be led to touch someone in a way that Jesus has to show up mightily. He is attracted to our willingness to step out in BOLDNESS …  We are HIS DICIPLES with HIS AUTHORITY to GO and DO!


Have a Blessed Day!!!


Pastor Ken



 Today’s Scripture Reading; JUDGES 17:1-18:31; JOHN 3:1-21; PSALM 104:1-23; PROVERBS 14:20.21 

JOHN 3:16,17 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.17 God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

John 3:16-17 (NLT)

There is nothing like the LOVE OF GOD … No, there is NOTHING that can compare to the LOVE OF GOD FOR YOU. Once you receive a real REVELATION of His love for you, you can never be the same again. The reality of the LOVE OF GOD touching a heart and life is completely life-transforming and changes the way we SEE things in our world and in our circumstances of life. This LOVE is according to the Strong’s an “unconditional love; love by choice and by an act of will. The word denotes unconquerable benevolence and undefeatable goodwill. Agapao (the verb) will never seek anything but the highest good for fellow mankind.

 Agapao (the verb) and Agape (the noun) are the word’s for God’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It does NOT need a chemistry, an affinity, or a feeling. Agapao is a word that exclusively belongs to the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY. It is a love virtually unknown to writers outside the NT.” Wow. How great is our God??? How great is His love for us and to bring it home … How much does He love you??? I love the phrase ‘unconquerable benevolence and undefeatable goodwill’ … that’s so powerful to me. No matter what we do or say as believers it all must come from a foundation of a TRUE revelation of God’s love or like Paul writes in ‘The love chapter’ I CORINTHIANS 13 … If I don’t have LOVE, it’s worth nothing!

I know this sounds very elementary, but I do believe that the foundational truth of not only receiving God’s love but His love in operation in our life is so very vital in this time and hour. We must have more than just a religious teaching or a solid theology. I want to build my life on sound doctrine and  have a solid biblical theology but it must be built upon a foundation of an encounter with God. When you encounter His love your VIEW of YOU changes and your belief system will be built upon what HE SAYS and what HE THINKS of you! If you and I are NOT saying or thinking of ourselves today what God is saying or thinking about you then you have more to discover of His LOVE. Paul states that “the greatest of these (faith, hope, love) is LOVE” but the reality is at times you and I still question His love … “does He really love me?” … the stuff we face, the storms we endure, the challenges that seem so overwhelming … the temptation is to question HIS LOVE for us which brings to our heart the lie that we are somehow REJECTED by Him. The point is this; we are not even close to perfect, and it’s easy to feel inadequate and guilty about NOT being good enough. BUT God loves me … His love is PERFECT. I love I JOHN 3:1 “see how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God, and such we are …”

“OF SUCH WE ARE …” are what? SONS & DAUGHTERS of God. We have a King who is our FATHER and we are Kingdom servants but positioned as PRINCES and PRINCESSES … The correct position we take from a revealed truth of HIS LOVE causes us to know WHO WE ARE because of WHOSE WE ARE. It’s all in our identity … The prodigal SON spent His inheritance and left the father. When he came to himself, he returned home but the return did not restore him as a son. Only the Father can restore us positionally. The son reasoned to return as a servant to the father because of his actions that made him feel unworthy to be called a ‘son’. But what God states is that our performance does not effect our POSITION. In the prodigal sons return, he was not restored as a hired hand but to the LOVE of the father which restored him as a SON. the best robe (clothed in HIS righteousness not our own) … the sandals (signify position in the family) and the ring (the authority of the household) … the love of a father that sees the son from afar and RUNS TO HIM with embraces and kisses his neck … all indications and clues of how we are received and restored in the Father’s love.

Today, you may be weary from life’s battle and drawn to believe a lie concerning the love of God for you. Let me encourage you to ask yourself this question … “What does God really think of me?” … “What does God really say about me?” Compare the actions of the prodigal sons father with your feelings of how God thinks about you … Remind yourself of the promises and testimonies of His goodness and love toward you and focus on those things. His kindness will lead you to repentance (repentance is ‘re’ ; to go back and ‘pent’ which is the top … “to go back to the TOP”) and His love will draw you to HIM. Let His love consume and captivate you today and even though we’ve been there before, let’s get a fresh revelation of HIS EVERLASTING LOVE for us! It will make for an amazing day!

How He Loves

He is jealous for me loves like a hurricane
I am a tree bending beneath
The weight of His wind and mercy
When all of a sudden I am unaware of
These afflictions eclipsed by glory
I realize just how beautiful You are
And how great Your affections are for me

We are His portion and He is our prize
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes
If grace is an ocean we’re all sinking
So Heaven meets earth
Like a sloppy wet (unforeseen) kiss
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest
I don’t have time to maintain these regrets
When I think about the way that

(Yeah) He loves us
Oh how He loves us
Oh how He loves us
Oh how He loves

CCLI Song # 5032549
John Mark McMillan
© 2005 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of Use.  All rights reserved.
CCLI License # 1234642



 Today’s Scripture Reading; GENESIS 39:1-41:16; MATTHEW 12:46-13:23; PSALM 17:1-5; PROVERBS 3:33-35 

GENESIS 39:20,21 So he took Joseph and threw him into the prison where the king’s prisoners were held, and there he remained.21 But the Lord was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love. And the Lord made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden.

From the account of the life of Joseph in Genesis we discover important lessons for DREAMERS. Joseph was a dreamer in that he had a dream and was marked by his dreams and interpreting the dreams of others. God wants to make US aware that He has given us access to prophetic dreams and visions. Joseph was distinguished as one who held to his dream that God gave him for his life no matter what. 

He dreams of ruling and his brothers sold him as a slave to forever be categorized as a servant that someone would OWN. It would seem that Joseph had every reason to doubt his dream and the God whom He felt the dream initiated from. If there is one thing that can discourage a dreamer with God is when your dream not only doesn’t match the realm of natural circumstances but rather the natural set of events actually goes in the opposite direction. But Joseph held to His POSITION with God when all seemed lost and that stance KEPT him through everything he experienced. Where are YOUR dreams today? Have you allowed circumstances to rob you of your position of standing firm on the promises that God has given you?  

Joseph was restrained from sin because of the value he placed in the relationship to the God he was trained to serve and honor. Even when he could have strayed, Joseph stayed true and because he restrained from sin, he was redeemed from sorrow and ultimately restored to honor by simply HOLDING ON to the dreams from God. When I esteem my circumstances or anything above what God has said that’s when I lose sight of Him and become discouraged. The key is this … I can never make ANYTHING or ANYONE bigger then my God and the truth of His promises. In all things, we can MAGNIFY the Lord and we will see the results like Joseph did of what it means to live by FAITH. 

From the Spirit-Filled Study Bible, we find five guidelines given from the account of Joseph’s life to help us in awakening the dreamer in us … 

1.) first, RECEIVE God’s promises with childlike faith. Don’t try to figure it out but like a Mary we can simply have a heart to declare, “May it be to me as YOU HAVE SAID”. If you receive the promise then you can REHEARSE it … you cannot REHEARSE what you have not received. Wait on the Lord to allow the intimacy in His presence to cause you to be made aware of the destiny you were born to walk in. It may seem crazy but when you know it’s from God, you can RECEIVE it into your very spirit and live in the realms of what it is causing you to become.

2.) Second, MAKE the best of bad situations. This is much easier said then done but the key is understanding how we MAKE anything. Our words create the atmosphere that we live in. When the challenging times come or disappointments that discourage, don’t MAKE a case for frustration out of FEAR but decide to MAKE your way to HIM. If God gives you a dream and all hell is breaking lose then it’s time to seek the DREAM-GIVER and not run to the enemies desire for your attention to be drawn to the dark side of doom and gloom. You can easily MAKE bad situations worse but in God we are lifted from the situation and create an atmosphere from the realms of HIS TRUTH.  Joseph was put in prison, BUT (that’s the God-BUT) the Lord was WITH JOSEPH … when you know the Lord is with you, I mean you really know HE WITH YOU … what is it that can prevent you from experiencing HIS GOODNESS even in unpleasant seasons. In His presence there is FULLNESS of joy … FULLNESS is not a bad thing! God rained upon Joseph with FAVOR. His favor will rain on you even in the midst of your challenges and difficult seasons. God does NOT cause it but He can cause us to WIN with any hand that is dealt to us …that’s the beauty of His goodness, favor and abundance defined as PEACE showered upon those whose mind is STAYED on HIM!

3.) STAND with integrity in trials and temptations. With the favor of the Lord upon your like there is always the temptation to utilize that favor for your own fleshly desires. STAND with integrity by STANDING FIRM in the place of His glory. Even when the favor comes to you continue to walk with the One who gives to you that favor and see the victory come in greater measure. There are times when it may be more challenging to STAND with the Lord when the blessings of favor come to you but don’t allow your eyes to be swayed from the dream or the dream-giver. You are on the way to your destiny!

4.) WALK in humility before God and man. Humility is a confidence in God that causes you to be strengthened in every way. As you WALK in this HUMILITY you can discover the testimony of your heart what Joseph declared from his … “For God caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.”

5.) SEE everything from God’s perspective. You can see the BIG PICTURE even as you DECLARE God’s goodness in the place of mystery and uncertainty. Joseph had his testimony that resulted from the FRUIT of those painful moments when he declared “But as for you, you meant evil against me; BUT GOD meant it for good in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive …”

Your time of adversity and trial may be the very ingredients that God will use to cultivate the fulfillment of His promises to you. Today, awake O dreamer … let the dreams become resurrected in your heart and life through the power of the resurrection and the life; JESUS … Allow your set-backs to become arrangements for God’s big SET-UP’S for you to bring you to the place of purpose and greater destiny. Trust the process but even more than that trust in GOD who is working all things together for YOUR GOOD! No matter what place you may be in right now, you can find yourself POSITIONED in Him and being seated in Heavenly places with Jesus. Paul and Silas were in a prison but a song of praise and an attitude of worship broke the bonds of their chains and opened the doorway to their freedom (ACTS 16). It’s not what I see when I look from the natural perspective, but what I see when I see what HE SEES and I say what HE SAYS.

I believe this is the year of ALIGNING and BREAKTHROUGH … don’t let go of the dream and stay close to the dream-giver!





Today’s Scripture Reading; GENESIS 11:1-13:4; MATTHEW 5:1-26; PSALM 5:1-12;  

PSALM 5:7 Because of your unfailing love, I can enter your house; I will worship at your Temple with deepest awe.

Psalms 5:7 (NLT)

I love this little scripture because it contains a wealth of opportunity that is forever life-changing to the hearts that respond. The Lord invites us to enter HIS HOUSE … His dwelling … His PLACE as a result of the impact of His UNFAILING indescribable LOVE! One of our teachings in the BOAST School of Supernatural Ministry is that we are invited and encouraged to ENCOUNTER the love of God and out of that encounter comes a ministry that is supernatural in it’s impact on other lives. So much ministry has been in the form of proclaiming a message of God’s anger towards PEOPLE and not towards SIN. God is angry at SIN … to the point where HE DID SOMETHING about it … He gave us Jesus to FOREVER conquer the sin issue that separates US from HIM. And now, God wants to set YOU FREE from the burden of SIN in your life that keeps you away from Him.


God’s desire has always been CLOSNESS and FELLOWSHIP with YOU! If you are filled with bitterness, anger and resentment for example then it is the LOVE of God that will combat these issues to destroy the barrier of His love from your heart. His UNFAILING love is defined as such because it never fails. It is a HEALING and WHOLENESS encounter that changes us from the inside out and causes us to become more like Jesus. The more you truly encounter His love, the more of HIM you desire and as the great truth is told, “YOU BECOME what YOU BEHOLD!”


The Lord will never withhold Himself from you because of SIN. He wants to draw close to you and in that closeness you will see Him not as an angry JUDGE but as a loving Father waiting for your return. Our experiences in this life can so often create BURDENS of weights of sin in the very core of whom we are … BUT because of His UNFAILING LOVE, Jesus died so that we could be released of those burdens. His very presence carries with it the experience of the revelation of His love for you!


When you receive a revelation of God’s love, you also receive a GRACE (empowerment) for your mind to be transformed to understand LOVE. TRUE ENCOUNTERS with God’s UNFAILING LOVE will change the way you think and you then become consumed with HOW MUCH He loves you. The very reason you are in LOVE with Him is because you have ENCOUNTERED His love for you. If you don’t love yourself, then a true encounter with God’s LOVE will change that. You can NOT encounter His love and remain in disdain of whom you are because in His LOVE, you discover WHOSE you are. God’s UNFAILING LOVE also restores you! He restores you from lies that may have settled in the core of whom you WERE. God wants you to not just ENCOUNTER His love as a one time experience, but to COME INTO HIS HOUSE… set up residence with Him … and become set free from the lies that God is ‘MAD’ because ‘I am BAD’ or simply ‘not in a good mood’ towards YOU. Today as you consider the UNFAILING LOVE of God, consider that word UNFAILING.


It was a difficult week for me personally and for many of the Living Stones family as our dear friend, Linda went to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer. During this last week as we were believing for the miracle of healing, I was reading a book by co-authors; Randy Clark and Bill Johnson on “the manual of HEALING”. Reading this book and then NOT seeing what we were believing for was to say the least very disheartening. But to know that Linda had an encounter with the UNFAILING love of God and that truly she is with the One who loves her the most is the comfort I and many with me hold to. There is NO MORE suffering, pain and the healing miracle is truly realized in her awakening to the place called GLORY. I was still feeling unsettled in my spirit yet realizing that through our disappointments and sadness and not fully understanding yet through it all, we choose HIM … we choose to trust God even in the place of uncertainty and staying fixed in the TRUTH that God’s love is UNFAILING. His love can touch us in our places of loss and disappointments. His love can touch a husband without a wife and children who miss their mommy…. His LOVE is the only answer to the ones who are broken. His love frees us from the lies that would speak to our hearts to no longer believe for miracles or to no longer believe that God truly loves us and just one moment in His presence and we are set free from those lies and transformed to encounter Him all over again.


Today, God wants you to be healthy and WHOLE and through true encounters with HIM, you will be set free from lies and shame. And the truth is that God will never be angry with you but in your distress or despondency He will come to heal you. Lies and hurt in your life makes your heart unhealthy. Today, you can RUN to His UNFAILING LOVE and God will CUT AWAY those damaged areas of your heart and replace them with HIS PERFECT heart. You can truly carry around in you a portion of God’s own heart. The Lord wants to take you beyond what you can see in the natural so that He can transform you supernaturally. When God restores your heart, you are brought into TRUE WORSHIP. My gauge with the Lord personally of where I am with Him is always discovered in the place I call ‘my well’. It is that place of worship where it’s just ME and GOD and as I sing and worship, like liquid rain His love begins to pour over me and I know that no matter what is going on in my life, as I encounter His UNFAILING LOVE … everything is going to be all right! The key is this. In your encounters with God’s LOVE, He wants you to go further. When YOU and I come into agreement with Him, He will open NEW doors to you.


He is calling YOU. His UNFAILING LOVE is an encounter that is awaiting you. Prayer is NOT just about emergencies … You do not need to come to God with a list of wants and needs … You only need to come into His presence and REST. He will love on YOU and you will never be the same! Have a great day and may you have a fresh encounter with God’s UNFAILING LOVE!




Pastor Ken





Today’s Scripture Reading; Zechariah 2:1-3:10; Revelation 12:18-13:18; Psalm 141:1-10; Proverbs 30:18-20

PSALM 141:1,2 O Lord, I am calling to you. Please hurry! Listen when I cry to you for help!2 Accept my prayer as incense offered to you, and my upraised hands as an evening offering.

ZECHARIAH 2:10 “Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion! For behold, I am coming and I will dwell in your midst,” says the Lord.

I just love the Christmas season. I pray that the JOY of Christmas FILL your hearts and lives afresh and anew this year. The reason of the season is JESUS and more than ever before, our world needs the reminder that HOPE has come and LOVE came down and there are truly GOOD TIDINGS of GREAT JOY for all people!

The gift is Jesus and He is more than a baby in a barn and He is not on a cross or in a tomb but forever reigning as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The Lamb that was slain is coming to us now as the LION of Judah! … The King of PRAISE!

The two verses noted above are really wonderful for us to dwell and meditate on for one is a CALLING of the Lord and the other is the PROMISE of His coming to DWELL in our midst. That’s really the whole point of the Christmas message. Man was desperately CALLING and God heard and out of His love PROVISION came and because He came, we have reason to live in the realms of rejoicing. I want to just point out that HIS COMING was not just to live and die and merely show us what a good life looked like … BUT His coming paved the way for a NEW LIFE that we could not only live but a realm of access to what HE BROUGHT … HEAVEN to earth. “On Earth as it is in heaven” is more than just good poetry or prayer language it is the WILL OF GOD for us and the reality of what you and I are called to live and operate our lives from. He brought HIS WORLD to OUR WORLD so that our world would have complete access to HIS.

There is a little phrase that has helped me with this reality and also discerning the will of God for our lives; If it (whatever the ‘it’ may be; a sickness, a problem etc) is NOT in HEAVEN then we should NOT have to tolerate it here on EARTH. We pray “on earth as it is in heaven” so the Kingdom reality becomes the truth that if His world is accessed in our world because HE CAME, then that means we have to expect it as normal living to experience healings, miracles, salvations, provisions and all that comes in this wonderful package called “as it is in HEAVEN”.

Bill Johnson writes this “to be effective believers, we must go well beyond the Christian life we have known. We must redefine ‘normal’ Christianity so it lines up with God’s idea of normal, not the definition we have accepted and grown accustomed to based on our experience (or lack thereof). The normal Christian life BEGINS with the realization that we were put here to do the will of God on earth as it is in heaven – and what a joy it is to participate in that.”

The fact that KINGDOM REALITY vanquishes EARTHLY AFFLICTION should be the normal expectations of those who really have received the FULL GIFT of JESUS and HIS WORLD! Both in these verses from ZACHARIAH and in PSALMS we sense and hear the desperate hearts crying out for the ‘MORE’ of God. The story of the Bible begins with the FIRST Adam having access to ALL of God and having complete authority on the earth. The fall of man caused that authority to be lost and the enemy then took it from him. Jesus came to restore that AUTHORITY and give it back to us in the complete work of the cross and now the only authority the defeated enemy has is what WE GIVE him by our agreement that he is still in authority. Let’s stop giving our authority away by intimidation and tactics that birth fear in our hearts. Don’t forget that GOD IS A BIG GOD … the devil is a defeated foe!

I have to be honest, as I look back over this past year, I could come into a place of questioning and even find reason enough to allow doubt and despair to fill my heart and senses to move me into a place that God does NOT will for me to be in. In the places of uncertainty and unanswered questions, I have made the choice to CHOOSE HIM … to choose to trust God, His word to me and His goodness in spite of what I don’t understand. My stance with all the circumstances of this past year that leave me with more questions than answers is that God is still GOOD and He is still teaching me the realms of accessing HIS WORLD. I may not be there yet, but I am determined to contend for creative miracles, healings especially for cancer, and salvations, signs and wonder’s, miracles in the lives of people that are in my life and MY WORLD … to see the WILL OF GOD made manifest through my life “on earth as it is in heaven”. I’ve made it my life goal to see the “more” of God displayed through the ‘LESS of me’ yielded to His will and His purposes for my life. If truly His Kingdom vanquishes earthly affliction then I will continue to contend for that reality as my ‘normal’. That’s why Jesus came and He is our EMMANUEL God with us … to allow HIS WORLD to be demonstrated in OUR WORLD … The Holy Spirit is given to us to ABIDE or DWELL with us to remind us of who we are because of whose we are. Complaining and negative thinking and murmuring is the language of slavery …but PEACE is the language of heaven… so peace be to you and yours this Christmas season and for the New Year and the rest of your days!


Ken & Laura Hope

The Well; 11.23.2011

    “…A Kingdom of Priests”




Today’s Scripture Reading; Ezekiel 45:13-46;24; I Peter 1:13-2:10; Psalm 119:33-48; Proverbs 28:11


I Peter 2:9 But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:9 (NLT)

I Think on this Thanksgiving season it would be very fitting to acknowledge a thankfulness for the wonderful truth of being citizens of a Kingdom and part of a CHOSEN people. For those of us who are in Christ, we are more then just members of a church but rather adopted into a family where the King is our Father and we are sons and daughters of the royal family.

The word “chosen” here is translated from the Greek word “eclectic” which means “to pick or gather” … the word designates one picked out from among the larger group for special service or privileges. This has got to spark a light in all of us who belong to Jesus. We are HIS … pulled out from the muck and mire of our sinfulness and brought to the table of the Lord to be seated with Him and partake of the joy of what He has provided for us. The price that Jesus paid was full and now GRACE is the word that makes it possible for us to become a citizen of this Kingdom family.

Now as believers, we are recipients of God’s favor. DOMINION and DESTINY that unfolds as our priestly duty is fulfilled. True authority is always related to a walk in purity and a constancy in worship. The spirit of WORSHIP is essential to all advance of the Kingdom. As a Kingdom of PRIESTS … we minister first to God in our worship, communion, dedication and offering of ourselves. We are like a Mary with our alabaster box to be broken and spilled out at His feet, not out of coworsion but rather out of a compelling desire to recklessly abandon all … to be completely poured out in love for Him and in turn just carry HIS FRAGRANCE on us for the rest of our lives. It all comes down to discovering DOMINION and AUTHORITY through the gates of INTIMACY and WORSHIP.

I am preaching a series of messages on what it means to steward MYSTERIES in our lives as believers and to choose PRAISE even during those seasons and times where we cannot find an answer or a reason for the circumstances we are facing. Like a pearl is formed out of PAIN … the beauty reminds us that the result of how we respond to anything that comes our way is what God will produce in a life that CHOOSES HIM … the pearl is formed in the shell because of a granule of sand producing an irritation and conflict that in turn forms the pearl. The bible speaks of the pearly gates in Revelation 21 and in Isaiah 60:18 we read of the gates of PRAISE … In these scriptures we discover a wonderful truth that our response to PRAISE even amidst the uncertainties and mysteries in this life creates in our heart GATES OF PEARL … It is through the conflict, pain and irritations in this life when things we don’t get the answer for or in the supposed failures of our lives, but we still are at His feet poured out and in turn carry His fragrance … These GATES are formed and gates are always seen as means of access or entry … to allow the King of Glory to come into that place of mystery in our lives to give us greater realms of authority and favor. It all begins with a choice to LOVE HIM!

I am learning in the culture that we have embraced in our ministry that a failure to see a miracle or prayer answered is not the end of the story. Our failures are often times the very areas that God wants to strengthen us in to see complete breakthrough in that very specific area. In the last year there have been answers to prayer but also mysteries that occurred where the miracle believed for was not discovered. We believe it is God’s will to heal the sick … so you pray for the sick and NOTHING HAPPENS … what do you do? the worst thing to do is to give up and refuse to pray for the sick … another wrong reaction would be to try to figure out why it wasn’t God’s will to heal or to reason it out by somehow thinking that God desires this sickness or infirmity to remain in the person. The truth of God’s character and desire cannot be altered because of our failures to see the desired results. Hanna was made barren not to stay that way but to have a drive and hunger for her to pursue becoming a mother of many children. Our lack is never meant to do anything but DRIVE US to seek Him more until the breakthrough comes. We don’t change who God is to make us feel better about our LACK, but because we know who God is our LACK of breakthrough increases our pursuit of the ‘More’ of God!

As a Kingdom of priests, we are called to pursue HIM and out of that pursuit will come not the answers but the giver of the answers so that the answers become secondary to the ONE who holds us even in the place of mystery. When I don’t understand, I will CHOOSE HIM! Many things even in this past year I don’t understand but the drive to know Him more will become the fruit of those moments of mystery. Religion will always define but relationship embraces mystery and offers trust in the place of the unknown. I will enter HIS GATES with THANKSGIVING in my heart and into HIS COURTS with PRAISE!

Today, I am thankful for a Kingdom of PRIESTS that long to minister to the King. We will only experience promised power for winning souls and seeing breakthrough as we prioritize and grow in our worship of the living God. Kingdom power is kept from POLLUTION this way, as Kingdom people keep humbly PRAISFUL before the King – and witness His works of power with JOY.


In His FIRE,




Today’s Scripture Reading; Jeremiah 35:1-36;32; I Timothy 5:1-25; Psalm 89:14-37; Proverbs 25:25-27


Psalm 89:35-37 5 I have sworn an oath to David,

and in my holiness I cannot lie:

36 His dynasty will go on forever;

     his kingdom will endure as the sun.

37 It will be as eternal as the moon,

     my faithful witness in the sky!”

Wow! When you hear the powerful authority and confidence from the language of the scriptures that distinguish the PROMISE and COVENANT of the Lord with David, you get the sense that there could never be a moment when David would doubt the promise and destiny of God over his life. But still and yet we read passages from the scripture that make us aware that even with the assurance of the promise and Word of the Lord, there were temptations even in David’s life journey to become discouraged and the fight to keep out of the position of fear. I’ve been preaching a message concerning David and his battle with the Syrian army, In II Samuel we read that the glorious victory David had over the syrians was not the end of that enemy army, but that after their defeat the scripture states that the enemy GATHERED THEMSELVES … they grew in greater numbers and with greater arsenal to come back against David … As long as David was TUNED IN to the reports of the enemy, he became dismayed and confused. But the scripture said that when DAVID REMEMBERED the WORD OF THE LORD to Him, he was filled with courage and confidence that the victory was HIS even before he would cry out.

We walk in the anointing of VICTORY and the only weapons the enemy has against you is in your temptation to view his assaults, his strategies, his attacks with greater focus then the promises of God over your life. We have a DEFEATED foe and the only fight we are called to engage in is the GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH! I love what Bill Johnson teaches when he writes that the only reason to know the channel that the enemies NEWS is on is so that we can take our remote control of our heart and press the MUTE BUTTON!!! The point is this …What has GOD SAID? What promises has HE MADE? What is the future like as we continue to trust in the NAME of the Lord our GOD??? I can tell you this, your storm is not meant to destroy you but to empower you to greater Kingdom advances in your life.

the Lord has really been driving these truths home to my own heart personally in this last season of my life. There is no FORWARD movement without the realization of COUNTER ATTACKS of the enemy but the key to our VICTORY over the distractions is the position of our heart and the focus of our faith. If we are seated with Him in heavenly places then we will have the advantage of the HIGHER PLACES provision even through the challenging and potentially difficult aspects of the journey to the destiny. It’s actually in the places of challenge and adversity that our destiny is fully realized and God is truly glorified IN US. The old song “If I’d never had a problem, I’d never know that God could solve them, I’d never know what FAITH in God could do … Through it all…” 

I’m reading a book by Sean Smith called “I am your sign” and in one of the chapters he relates that true revival breakthrough comes through those willing to hear God and take the road of RISK and to develop a culture of PERSONAL RISK … RISK is RIGHT when God is in it and FAITH is spelled R..I..S..K! There are three things noted by Sean Smith as keys to developing that PERSONAL culture of RISK … First, Before you can unleash exploits, you must unlearn your fears. Your inner atmosphere determines your outer environment. Unless you are willing to STEP OUT in RISK, you’ll never know the anointing within you. Safety APART from God is only a mirage.The ultimate safe place is to be in the will of the Father!

Second, If you don’t turn your adversity into ministry, then your pain remains your pain. This is a big one for me. It’s easy to let the pain of adversity keep you back from pressing through. But God has called us to OVERCOME our adversity as we partner with HIM to see our way to the other side and win the victory. Overcoming adversity will enable you to experience the Father and empower you and qualify you to stand during the world’s most critical hour. When we move with God into a position of FAITH we can see what happens when God works through us and it releases Him to break forth in outrageous ways!

Finally, Boldness in taking risks doesn’t eliminate uncertainties; it embraces them! Unanswered dilemmas and unsolved mysteries are the seedbed for the supernatural. FAITH requires RISK and the nature of RISK includes the potential to fail. In this potential, we have a greater hunger and passion in our dependency for the voice of the Lord that draws us closer in intimacy and pursuit of God. You can never lose when your draw closer to Him. David’s enemies that GATHERED THEMSELVES became greater in number and smarter in their strategies against him, but when David turn His heart to the promise and a renewed trust in the One to whom he longed for, there was a RISK in the making but a COURAGE and CONFIDENCE that was not in the size of his army, but rather the POWER and AUTHORITY of his GOD!

Today, you may encounter adversity, challenges and even a once defeated enemy that is gathering themselves to come back AT YOU … BUT you have the Word of the Lord … You have HIS PROMISES and YOU BELONG TO HIM … You have “Christ in me the hope of glory” that will position you in heavenly places and undergird you in His strength and power to take the RISK and to confidently OVERCOME even against insurmountable odds …  You are HIS SIGN to this generation that God is GOOD and His GOODNESS will be the sign and wonder of your life. Come on, take a RISK … see what your God will do!!! Have a GREAT day!!!



Today’s Scripture Reading; ISAIAH 57:15-59:21; PHILIPPIANS 1:1-26; PSALM 71:1-24: PROVERBS 24:9,10

PHILIPPIANS 1:20,21 For I fully expect and hope that I will never be ashamed, but that I will continue to be bold for Christ, as I have been in the past. And I trust that my life will bring honor to Christ, whether I live or die.21 For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better.

I love the confidence that Paul displays as he writes this letter … “I fully expect and hope that I will never be ashamed, but that I will continue to be bold for Christ …” This is a powerful thought that I think deserves our pondering today. There are so many times in our world when we would be tempted to think that God really is NOT coming through for us or that we don’t see the full realized fruit of the seeds we’ve sown. The point is this … sometimes we are tempted to become weary in our well-doing. We walk in the confidence of declaring “God is good all the time” and then the present natural reality does not seem to totally back that up. You pray for someone to be healed and nothing happens right then, you believe for provision and the account seems lower than ever, or you pray over a situation that does NOT seem to be changing but growing even worse. BUT Paul is stating a declaration that can be the same for us today … no matter what I see right now, I continue to take the position of FULL EXPECTANCY and HOPE! I will not be ashamed or discouraged in my supposed failures but will continue to press through and believe God. The point is this, we are not responsible for any outcome … that’s God’s part and He is GOOD all the time but we are responsible to BE THE AGENT of the miracle, to be the one whom the Lord uses to bring life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless and FAITH that declares God’s goodness no matter what. I think much of the church world has been held back on our boldness because we have allowed too much of the natural world or the religious system to destroy our expectation levels for miracles, signs and wonders. The bottom line is this, there are people in YOUR WORLD today that are looking for a REAL JESUS who will be REAL to them and to walk in a life that demonstrates the goodness and POWER of God. The boldness comes with expectancy and hope and just because we’ve possibly tried it before and it didn’t work out like we thought it should have, don’t let one or a few failures stop you from moving forward in His power. I’ve realized that the enemy has no weapons … we do! We have the weapons of our warfare but the only thing the enemy can do is to cause us to doubt who God is and who we are. He makes us think we have no weapons or that they’re not GOOD ENOUGH or POWERFUL ENOUGH to work! But as Paul stated to the Philippians, I believe the Lord is declaring over you this very day … You will NOT be ashamed and in your continued expectation and hope and walking in BOLDNESS to declare healing, provision, salvation, deliverance etc … you will live in the continued growing realization of “Christ in ME, the HOPE of Glory!” Also I love what Bill Johnson teaches on determination even through supposed failures. He has declared that CANCER is defeated in his city; a cancer-free zone. His father went to be with the Lord having cancer. The very area of supposed failure was not to be seen as defeat but the very area that God wanted to produce in them the greatest strength. Supposed FAILURE should not position us to shame but cause us to press in harder to see a total victory in that area of weakness in our faith or ability to believe God for total breakthrough. There is NO FAILURE in God only those who fail to press through the defeats and go on to win the war. There is NO NEED in anyone’s life that you connect with today that can’t be met by the CHRIST IN YOU … If you are to adopt the mind-set that “for me to live is for Christ” then the actions of Christ in you will be the demonstration of that decision. You’ve been given an inheritance and it’s yours and your allowed to gain access it’s resources … it is the very life and power of Christ. If the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you … He will quicken your mortal body … now that’s POWER. Be encouraged today and know that you have the permission to handle the FAMILY BUSINESS … Go bring heaven to earth!!!

Have a blessed day! PK

Today’s Scripture Reading; ISAIAH 37:1-38:22; GALATIANS 6:1-18; PSALM 65:1-13: PROVERBS 23:24

 GALATIANS 6:9,10 So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.

Think about those words for just a moment … “Let’s NOT get tired of doing what is GOOD …” How can you really get tired of doing what is good? And then, what is the alternative stance? Do we do bad when we get tired of doing good? Or is it NOT in what we are DOING but how we are FEELING about what we are doing really the issue at hand? but what makes us tired of DOING ? Could it be we get tired of DOING when it does NOT seem to be making a difference or to put it in a scriptural articulation … when we see no FRUIT from what we are doing. The bottom line I believe is this … None of us what to “DO” what does not cause us to “SEE” as results from what we are doing. I believe also that the desire of “quick results” usually cause many to grow weary but the real frustration and exhaustion comes from a LONG TIME of “DOING” with not a glimpse of the results or at least what we would define as results. I had a friend who is a professional counselor tell me one time that when it seems to take a long time to see results in anything we do but especially in spiritual matters, we need to do two things; first, trust the process. There is so much that God is teaching us in the PROCESS of what He is doing. God is more concerned about making you in His image then He is about just making you happy. He longs to make us happy but the greater result of our lives is when we are developing the very nature of Christ in us. The children of Israel learned more of God in the ‘wilderness’ journey then they did during the breakthrough of entering the land of promise. When we despise the process of what God is doing IN US in the wilderness journey, we miss the point entirely. The second thing I remember was this; Trust the GOODNESS of God. That’s a BIG ONE for me especially in the present season of my life. When we DO EVERYTHING out of a mind-set that KNOWS GOD IS GOOD and HE IS IN A GOOD MOOD … that can have an effect on everything. Knowing GOD IS GOOD and trusting that belief is essential to coming from ‘DOING” to the place of “FRUIT-BEARING”. There are situations in our lives and during this journey that we will NOT understand everything. In fact it is in those places of NOT UNDERSTANDING that our FAITH is built and our TRUST can become deepened. When I don’t UNDERSTAND but I commit myself to TRUST GOD and to know that at all times GOD IS GOOD and that His ultimate GOOD will be seen eventually IN THIS season, then even in the mysteries that I steward, I can do so from the heart of worship and in sustained JOY. I have made a decision to continue in my life to do this; TRUST the process and TRUST His goodness! There is coming a day when the FRUIT of your moments now and the choice to TRUST GOD no matter what will become the fulfillment of the days to come.

I received an amazing prophetic text from Ryan McNutt that I wanted to share that wonderfully expounds on this point of PERSEVERANCE and CONTINUED PURSUIT in our journey … “In every race, the first of the race is fun for the runner because of the excitement and energy and motivation to run in the Olympics but shortly after the halfway point the remaining of the race starts to have obstacles and the runner begins to hit his time where he is tired and running low on energy , questioning what’s happening but then once he toughens it out and keeps his eye on the finish line and completes the race then he gets his reward and a check that carries him and allows him to celebrate from the financial payoff of winning the race and the trophy he gets to look at all leading up to the next race that is another part of the journey to the Olympics but with the effort, strength , passion, and encouragement knows that in the end he will get the Olympic gold medal ! All of that to say you are the runner just racing through the journey of your destiny and at times it feels like all is great , exciting , faith filled moments but after enough running there is your time where you must face the mystery of life and pains and things we don’t understand , but every race that you run in this life where you feel the negative and like giving up He reminds you that your trophy is around the corner . You are about to see your reward of breakthrough and the end of this chapter of you life that will set you up for the next race the must be run to see His face. Know that at the end You will get his face and KNOW that your season is about over. The reward He will give you will be such a heavy outpouring of His favor over you and your family that it will make everything you have been through worth it and will go into an off season where you will just operate under a manifestation of His comfort and increase of favor that you will have the plenty of rest and energy to make it to the next race to the completion of your destiny . Stay focused my friend , stay motivated , stay encouraged , keep your eyes on Him and you will make it through this . Don’t lose your faith and let’s get up and wipe our shoulders off and move on . This time is our time and it’s now and its prepped with the momentum we need to see for this next phase…”

The scripture says … “At just the RIGHT TIME … you will reap a harvest of BLESSING”. That’s the promise and the HOPE that carries with it the expectation to CONTINUE and to NOT GIVE UP! Our ministry just moved from a small 50 seat room to a High School theater that God opened up to us. My first thought was “no way”! I knew we had to find a space larger for growth but I did NOT anticipate such a large increase of space. In the NATURAL it would seem discouraging placing 60 people moving from a room that seats 50 to a room that seats 500. Most church growth experts would advise moving to a room twice your current size not 10 times. But it was God who opened the door and made the way and our determined stance has been that we will TRUST the process and TRUST His GOODNESS. The first Sunday we had 120 … the second Sunday 65 … the third … was less! (rainy SUNDAY’S in Florida always keep people home) … It could be room for us growing “WEARY”!! Moses had a group of spies that he sent out that brought back FRUIT and a REPORT … the FRUIT was good from a land flowing with milk and honey and the REPORT was bad … giants and inhabitants living in the places that God said was theirs. The FRUIT was a token that was to be a reminder of what they could enjoy through ownership of the promise … it was sweet and good … the REPORT was discouraging and caused the people of God to FEAR. The REPORT could also be defined as REALITY or the NATURAL. When we HEAR the REPORT, the REALITY, the NATURAL we force ourselves to have to make a CHOICE and that keeps our hearts DIVIDED from WHAT GOD SAID to WHAT IS SEEN. The lesson is when we know what GOD HAS SAID … then we need only to hear what He is saying and to do what HE IS DOING … Anything else is grounds for a divided heart and a DIS – COURAGED journey (Taking away COURAGE) The bottom line is this … If God ‘SAID’ then it does not matter what is ‘SEEN’ … We have to TRUST the process and TRUST His GOONESS and take the land HE SAID we are to possess and in that SUPERNATURAL possession He will grant us the FAVOR of the FRUIT of the land being ours to eat at anytime we choose. Your fight is NOT the enemy but the GOOD FIGHT of FAITH … keeping your eyes on the FRUIT and not hearing the REPORT of man. The runner focuses on the PRIZE … the farmer FOCUSES on the harvest … the child of God focuses on the FATHER! There may be difficult times now … there may be painful mysteries that cannot be explained … BUT THROUGH IT ALL … when we live out of a mind-set that GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD and we PRAISE OUR WAY through these painful moments, we honor Him and He will bless us. Bill Johnson stated in our teaching Tuesday night at BOAST School of Supernatural Ministry that in Heaven we will continually praise and worship the Lord … but it is only on earth that we have the honor of choosing to worship through pain and mystery. There will be NO PAIN in heaven so while we are on this journey here on earth … we GET to choose to worship, trust Him and love Him through the days or challenge, mystery and pain. There is a song by Brian & Kattie Torwalt that says “When I don’t understand, I will choose YOU …When I don’t understand I will choose to love You, God … ” Don’t get weary … don’t GIVE UP … keep your eye on the PRIZE, and the PRIZE is always CHRIST IN ME, the HOPE of Glory! Today, you can CHOOSE to worship through even pain & mystery …

Have a great day!

Love, PK


Today’s Scripture Reading; JOB 16:1-19:29; I CORINTHIANS 16:1-24; PSALM 40:1-10: PROVERBS 21:1

 PSALM 40:5 O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal. If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them.  

The very first phrase of that scripture truly sums up the caption of what this past week has been for me and my family … “O Lord my God, You have performed many wonders for us. Your plans are too numerous to list …”

 Nike Johnson was a gift of love that was given to our lives for a short time but in fact the influence and the impact of his short life will live on forever.

The diagnosis of the longevity of Nike’s life in the natural offered NO TIME but God had other plans and the miracle of 28 hours was a gift that continues to be expressed through the testimonies of the lives he touched. The word the Lord gave to me as we were declaring the manifest miracle of the Lord was “FULLNESS” … that the outcome of this miracle would manifest itself in FULLNESS. Only God can take a 28 hour life and create FULLNESS.

 I also received a prophetic word through face book that Nike was an angel sent to us with an assignment.  As I pondered that word, the Lord brought just a few things to my spirit that indicated just what this assignment was and it’s FULLNESS to completion. These are not all the things that were accomplished but just a few that touched our hearts on a very personal level that I’d like to share. 

1.)   First his name was given as a prophetic download to Chris, his father; Nike … which means more than a tennis shoe but rather “Victorious Over comer”

… In spite of all that Nike lacked for a full life, he fought with everything he did have for the FULLNESS we so wonderfully felt and received …

… He fought hard to stay and only as Chris and Stormie released him, did he comfortably and quietly return from earthy parents to the arms of the One who holds him now…

… His life teaches us that there is ONLY VICTORY in Christ Jesus! Nothing else but OVERCOMING VICTORY!

2.)   Secondly, Nike’s assignment I believe was a lesson to us that only God’s LOVE released restores and redeems … Even though Nike was in need of healing, his little life brought with it healing …

… My son Kenny testified as the family erupted in prayer in the hospital after Nike had almost left us then, but the fervent prayer of a righteous mother, Stormie would in faith raise up life into that which was becoming lifeless…but Kenny said that in that moment something deeper had happened in every one of our lives and that the power of God was made manifest in that place. The mid-wife assistant Keisha proclaimed “this baby Nike has forever changed my life!”

… And so many others … relationships mended, love binding up hearts … the reality of a supernatural work being done … miracles taking place and the list continues even today.

 3.)  Another assignment was to me the reminder that “the miracle is in your hands and we have permission to distribute Heaven on earth.”

   … When the natural word was “It’s over”, something in the realm of the Spirit rose up inside of us that would NOT settle for anything less than God’s FULLNESS. We continued to declare life and Nike lived to the FULLNESS of his supernatural assignment

   … I was also reminded that Nike entered the world in the Glory as we were soaking in the thick presence of the Lord  and was released from the world in the Glory. The song from Jesus Culture “Show me Your glory, I’m not afraid”  was playing as the son was seen from the window where Nike was being held in the arms of his strong, courageous parents and in love as the son arose Nike went home to be with Jesus. What a beautiful treasure of a memory to hold of this life that meant so much.

4.)  The list could go on but I leave you with this final point here; Nike felt supernatural LOVE that in turn supernaturally extended  his life that provided for the opportunity to impact so many lives in such a short time …

   … A 28 hour life that changed the lives of so many forever!

The Lord also reminded me that though we were in agreement to believe God for creative miracles and that did not occur yet in that very area, the Lord has declared that He will continue to strengthen our hearts to believe Him for the creative miracles of healing, signs and wonders in our future discover in the realm of living naturally supernatural.

And finally, Nike’s body will be laid near to the resting place of the body of Nathan Johnson, Nike’s Great Grand-Father. The Lord reminded me of the promise of inheritance and legacy and that before wedding rings were exchanged or ministry mergers were brought about, there was a connection wrought by the Spirit of God in the heart of Nathan that drew the families together and the legacy is a Kingdom reality that will not be broken or forgotten and what God has promised, He will accomplish.

 Today, we run the race as to receive the prize

“O Lord my God, You have performed many wonders for us. Your plans are too numerous to list …”